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rose-water syrup

 rose-water syrup is a poetry collection by Maha Zimmo.

Her work looks at the intersections of being a Muslim, Palestinian, immigrant, feminist. She discusses the colonized mind, and the heart of a lover.

You may purchase rose-water syrup here.


Sister-hood Magazine (by Kenza Saadi):”I felt all my senses come alive as I was reading through her words. It is an incredible sensation. Equally, her poetry rings with a clarity and an innocence that I have seldom seen in this age of so much pretension. Reading Maha´s poetry is a beautiful, even if sometimes heart-wrenching, voyage. Take it.”

Julie S. Lalonde (Award-winning feminist buzzkill): “Maha is a feminist, immigrant, Muslim poet and “rose-water syrup” is an absolute must. I’ve included two of my favourite poems here, but it’s 80+ pages of brilliance.”

The Muslim Vibe (by Jessica Aya Harn): “rose-water syrup is the perfect response to the greater need for Muslim creativity, as it weaves together faith, love, and an important female voice to create a masterpiece of poetry.”