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Shoulder check? Check.

Two things, one of which is: Feeling secure. But first. I volunteered to go into Beirut during the summer Israel was bombing the sh*t out of the country; I went…

Every Girl Should Have ‘One’

By ‘One’, I mean her very own personal British Special Air Service Officer, their motto Who Dares Wins. I found Mine in Beirut – he is of the Air Troop…

Beirut 2010

The last time I was in Beirut was in 2006 while helping with the evacuation of Canadian civilians. That experience was, to say the least, mind-blowing on too many levels….

A sad goodbye to Lebanon

I can’t say it enough; Lebanon is a beautiful and breathtaking country and tonight I’ll be graced with it’s last sunset. I quickly learned that the best way to wrap…