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the Prolific Immigrant (me)

Dear Reader, Oh look. I’ve gone and changed the title again. As starting point, I would like to introduce you to the lunatic + lovely coupling which brought forth yours…

Welcome (back) to the new site

So. I haven’t been home (here) in nearly a month. Beg your greatest pardons and thank you for all of the amazing email messages which you have sent asking after…

Interracial Lesbian Wedding and OFC News

I can’t even begin to describe how completely stoked I am to be invited to my first QUEER wedding.  On top of which, it is interracial. I mean, do you…

That day I nearly peed myself while stuck to the side of a mountain in Denver

During the spring of 2007, I was visiting my American cousins in Denver. In no particular order, their names are Dumb.Ass, Raging Maniac, and Really Just So Fkn Stupid Sometimes….