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Maha Monday: Lying to your partner about having babies

A woman has been taking contraceptives behind her husband’s back. Wow. She’s come to me to ask WHAT? (I all-too-often honestly don’t understand how people function.) That you don’t want…

‘Maha Mondays’ is live

Find the first column at Elle Beaver, in response to: How Do I Satisfy My Personal and Physical Needs (Quickly)? A snippet: In this same ‘being an adult’ vein, switch up your logic….

You will get yours sooner or later. Trust.

Once upon a time, there was a group of friends. Amidst these individuals was a girl whom we shall call “Maha.” On a sunny Saturday morning, Maha left for a…

On The Cheaters

Monday of this week, one of The Girls discovered that her husband of eight years is a big fat lying cheat. We’ve not discussed the details, because to discuss his…