Libra girl / Scorpio boy Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, I’ll blog a month-by-month Libra girl / (insert that month’s sign) boy compatibility. My first blog entry in this weirdness was Libra / Libra compatibility.

What follows are excerpts from Linda Goodman’s Love Signs re the compatibility between the Libra woman and the Scorpio male. All bold font is my own idiotic commentary…and for the record, I love reading this stuff, especially when I recognize a lot of it; but the last sentence makes me wonder what kind of crack Linda’s smoking.

“I feel I have something to learn from this person,” muses Libra, when exposed to Scorpio’s unrelenting gaze. “I somehow understand this person better than anyone else ever will,” thinks the Eagle, after studying the Libran carefully.

And so they approach each other, tentatively at first, but with a certain degree of fascination – for the unknown, on the part of Libra – for the known and vulnerable on the part of Scorpio.

Scorpio, however, is far from an ‘unsuspecting soul.’ Scorpio invented the word ‘suspicious.’ You don’t fool one easily. Governed by the perceptive Pluto, most Eagles can see straight through the silk and satin of Libra’s wiles and seductions. Libra can trick Scorpio only once, if that often.

If he [Scorpio ] loves her [Libra], he’ll share more of himself with her than he ever will with anyone else, but this doesn’t mean he’ll either invite or permit her to wander around in the more private recesses of his mind, heart or soul. These secret compartments are reserved for himself and his Maker – his God.

The retaliatory surprise of a wounded or angered Scorpio can seriously shake her Libran equilibrium. This man is deeply sensitive behind his image of self-sufficiency and confidence. Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, also a Cardinal Sun Sign of leadership. A smart Scorpio man knows the Webster definition of both ‘masculine’ and ‘cardinal’. So he should comprehend that this girl, with all her womanly ways, will not become a contended concubine, not even for him. She can, at first, be undeniably convincing in her pose of soft feminine submission, especially if she really loves him. But behind her cheerful countenance and satiny façade, she’s miserable unless she’s made responsible in some way regarding matters of importance.

…if she isn’t mentally stimulated she’ll become a very sad lady. Of course, admittedly, there’s nothing more stimulating than trying to capture the love of an Eagle, but once she’s won that round, she’ll become restless.

…she needs companionship. She withers when left alone. Libra rules marriage and partnership. I think ‘withers’ may be a strong word; am single and far from ‘withered’. It may be better to say that >> when *in* a relationship, Libra withers when left alone…

Scorpio can be intimidating, but a Libra woman is not easily intimidated. Quite true.

Yes, she is a female. Still, her masculine mental processes will give him a start now and then.

…his habit of silently appraising her virtues, when she needs to hear them praised aloud, of being critical in a detached and unemotional way, can trouble her more than he guesses.

The Libra woman will have to call on all her considerable reserves of charm and tact to learn to be tolerant of this man’s dark moods, his long silences. He hasn’t left her, he’s only swimming out a little further from shore than usual into the deeper waters of mediation upon life’s mysteries, and he doesn’t need a bodyguard to float along beside him. He prefers to make nocturnal excursions alone.

In the beginning, it will cause no small amount of tension between them that he sometimes communicates best with a glance, or perhaps a touch – while she communicates best the way all humans were made to communicate, verbally with sounds called words. A Scorpion, however gregarious he may be regarding other areas of his life, will never find it easy to be excessively verbal when expressing his emotional or sexual or romantic feelings. If there’s a harmonizing Sun-Moon aspect between their birth charts, she’ll understand this, begin to measure her words and communicate more often with her dazzling Libra smile – and an eloquent silence. This is interesting, because the Scorpio men I’ve met, I’ve always been exceptionally compatible with, and it has to do with the latter part of this, which is reflected in the fact that I was born under a Scorpio moon (this, of course, if you give a shit about Sun Signs).

Her fondness for fun and people and entertaining can be a sticky net for the Scorpio who’s easily lured into losing himself through various escapes, from drinking or the temporary high (or low) of grass, to ever more dangerous artificial stimulation. I guess this means I really have to give up the cocaine. Damn it!**

However, an evolved Scorpio male of tenacity and purpose (and there are plenty of these) who can resist such siren songs – and the enlightened, mentally stable, emotionally balanced Libra woman (the kind who far outnumber the Libran party girls) have a solid chance to form a strong association when they fall in love with their heads and hearts in equal measure.

It’s safer for their marriage if she trusts him than if she doubts him.

Marry her, or you’ll just lose her – to another man, perhaps – or she’ll find a sensational career to wed. Libra women play all games for keeps.

The funny thing is that the idea itself will probably have originally been hers, not his. She’ll sweetly plant in her lover’s mind so subtly and gently, he’ll forget where it came from and be innocently convinced it was his suggestion in the first place. That’s what astrology means by the female Libran’s ‘iron fist in a velvet glove.’ When it punches out the perception of a Scorpio, you can be certain it’s mighty powerful, however velvety.

And unlike the unfortunate Libra / Libra sexual compatibility, the following gives me hope! The Scorpio man will probably satisfy every sensual and erotic longing, every secret need for affection and fierce devotion the Libra girl has ever dreamed about romantically – except one. He definitely will not recite poetry to her in the middle of their mating – nor will he whisper declarations of his devotion about her during their intimate moments. Good, because I would think that the recital of poetry during ‘mating’ would make me laugh my ass off. I bet Pisces does this…they’re such little girls…I KID.She’ll remind him, perhaps even coach him. He will attempt to comply. But since this sort of thing lacks spontaneity, she’ll begin to think he doesn’t really love her. He does. But this man is uneasy with open displays of sentiment and romance. He thinks he proves he loves his woman by both his loyalty and his sexual intensity. Why should she need words, to hear him repeat ‘I love you’ constantly? I don’t know why, but she does need it.

Using Libra logic, I’ll remind the Eagle that a small amount of spoken endearements will prevent a large amount of unreasonable jealousy. Even something as cute as ‘Nice rack!’ would suffice. Humor, gentlemen. Always humor. Whether his features are plain or handsome, the magnetic force field of Pluto pulses in his aura, and his undeniable magnetism with women can make this lady very jealous. Could Juliet have doubted Romeo, with such constant declarations of love? Nor did she. Nor will this Libra woman, if she receives her Juliet birthright from him.

It might be a blessing to us all that they fell in love. She can provide an idealistic outlet for his controlled but driving ambition, helping him guide it into channels that could bring justice to the planet’s abused and weary souls. His deeper wisdom will check her airy indecisions, gently molding them into a sensible approach to her daydreams. Her logical mind will help him straighten out the complicated tangles of career, family or personal involvements which are sooner or later faced, to some degree, by every Water Sign, even invincible Scorpio.

The combining of the Eagle’s bottomless confidence with his Libra woman’s great sense of fairness can be a beneficent thing for everyone within their sphere of influence. Their personal love has an excellent chance to expand outside themselves into a tremendous energy for all mankind and womankind. If the two of them should silently meditate together within the Pyramid or whisper magic mantras in an ancient Incan temple…what wonders might occur!

**The cocaine reference is a joke; I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and icing sugar.

See you next month!