"Allez Les Bleus!"

.1. Zizou scored via penalty kick against Portugal today. Cristiano goes home, and I’ll be surprised if Figo sees the 2010 World Cup. It was a clean game, as futbol should be; there was no animosity on the field and not too many dives (those that occurred were primarily from the Portuguese).

David Beckham, has resigned as England’s National Team Captain. He can now concentrate on selling his soul for a little more money. Personally, I think he should first help Rooneeeeeeeeeey with his lacking PR skills…a little bit of advice such as “don’t use another futboler’s testicles as a foot-rest…” is where I think Beckham should start.

I’m terribly excited about Sunday.

.2. Doris! Forgive that over the years, my loyalties have shifted and I no longer support Italy (but I would be behind them 100% were they to face either Brazil or England). It ended when Walter (when there are so many sexy Italian names, why did his parents opt for WALTER?) Zenga and “Toto” Schillaci left…Forgive me. I still love Russian authors, though, and so that should count for something?