This is where you will find the most comprehensive information about what is happening in Gaza. Bookmark it.

All over the world there are demonstrations and vigils being organised. Look for the ones that are going to be taking place in your area. If there isn’t one already being organised, then start that process yourself.

FYI: Sitting on any fence has never been sexy or intelligent, but rather an expression of cowardice or ignorance or laziness.

If you don’t know enough to form that opinion, then get out there and find the information you need and learn from it and filter it and ask about it and talk to people about it and then: Form. Your. God damn. Opinion.

There is no excuse in this day and age for silence. There is no excuse, in this age of access to information, for anyone in North America to ever say ‘I didn’t know’.

Which side should you support? Don’t support any side except that of Justice. She’s pretty good at self branding and self representation. Get out there and find her.

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