Maz Jobrani, Ahmed Ahmed & Dean Obeidallah

Three names from The Axis of Evil comics (missing was Aron Kader who I think is a bona fide Fox); three men that mama and I watched last night from the front row.

Ahmed Ahmed was our M.C. for the evening while Dean Obeidallah (1/2 Palestinian, 1/2 Sicilian. Adorable. Hilarious. Ethnically confused…in a very good way.) and Maz (1 Iranian. Hysterical. Flexible, too.) were the headliners.

They had three opening acts, one of whom nearly made me fall out of my chair; some Lebanese kid who, I swear, was either high on speed or had spent the duration of his day drinking Red Bull and coffee. I didn’t know whether to hose him down or just sit back, laugh, and thank God I wasn’t in a small confined space with his ass. (In case you’re wondering, I chose the former.)

Ahmed Ahmed has a dry sense of humour, the kind that catches you off guard and makes you wonder what he mumbles about you as soon as you’re out of ear shot. Kind of hot, too. Unfortunately, he dates retards. Or so he comedic-s.

Dean Obeidallah is the kind of boy you want to bring home to mom. He has a natural ability to charm everyone, and is super clever, it seems. Softer sense of humour until he starts talking about and imitating W. He also carries around a little notepad in which he writes things. Gold Star for The Nerd; it takes one to love one. (I’m pretty sure mama wanted me to slip this guy my number. She’s such a pimp.)

Maz Jobrani? Oh my God. This guy is a piece of comedic genius, with a side dish of the world’s greatest giggle. I lost my shit when he started talking about how he married a “defective Indian” because his wife doesn’t know a thing about technology. Lost. My. Shit.

If they’re coming at you, make sure to run towards them and catch their show. You won’t regret it and you may learn a thing or two. Trust in that.

(Russell Peters, too, because how can’t you love a man whose designed a crest for his name? I saw him Saturday night and was laughing so hard I’m pretty sure I drooled. That’s the way I roll towards The Hot, kittys.)