War, Inc

I don’t have a clue how to work myspace, but hopefully you do and you will be able to do something with this link.

John Cusack’s latest and greatest is War, Inc. and it is, from its attempted (& failed) murder by Those Who Would Have You Never Know to the brilliant and shiny reviews of Those Who You Should Be Getting In Bed With…sounding rather spectacular.


Please support it any way you can; it’s these sorts of challenges to the status quo that require our attention.

And if anyone does know how to work myspace, please let me know what the hell I’m supposed to do in order to become an official myspace supporter of War, Inc.

(I like to go here in order to find out in which manner Iraq and it’s folks are being screwed on any given day.

And remember:

Vote McBush, y’all!
Keepin’ Whities strong and darkies screwed.
Your natural resources Whitie’s Mine All Mine.
Praise his Jesus!
Vote McBush!
*Insert pompoms and back flips and fists in the air and up your bum, Darkie! and short skirts over blond McBush*

And finally, honestly and with deep sincerity:

May Allah indeed bless America by giving it back to those who would uphold the values that should be cherished, the freedoms that should be protected and the rights that are owed to all and not merely a few.

Support War, Inc.
Tell your friends.)