Final Notes on NYC

.1. Because when I think of Unions, it seems a propos that NYC come to mind.


.2. Stare at one spot on the tracks; as soon as there’s movement in the periphery, your eye picks it up and there’s your rat. (That’s the trick.)


.3. More breakfast! (Fresh yogurt & fruits, a croissant and a fruit plate. It was a little much, but who am I not to take one for the team?)

As you can see, I had my agenda / diary so as to jot down my random observations and Shoosh’s laptop (because I left Baby Mac at home); I was trying to write out my notes re a review of War, Inc. and instead drowned in the latte.


.4. BALL GAME!! (This is the stadium which is to be torn down so that it may be replaced with a shinier version.)

Yankees played the Red Wings.


.5. We dropped by The Coffee House for a thick and gooey breakfast, where I quite possibly took the best photo of Sharshoor, ever.


Three things to note re The Coffee House. Shoosh nearly took out the hostess because she was so busy texting on her BlackBerry that she ignored us for a little too long. Without warning, Shoosh turned to me and said: “Shoo hay 7aywaneh?” which literally translates to “What is she, an animal?”, but actually means “What? Is she an idiot?”

Shoosh is full of fire and energy and so her tone was easy enough to read; Hostess put down her BlackBerry (because your a$$ is so important that you need to text immediately? (To which the natural response is, of course, because our a$$es are more important and we need to be sat down asap. I see my own indulgence here…)) and sat us down without any more texting.

It was the day the Netherlands lost to Russia and the two loudest, drunkest and most obnoxious men in the joint took a liking to us. They were a little on the wanker side and wearing what can only be described as attire meant to birth Rock ‘n Roll imagery.

I don’t mind a man who drinks once in a while, but he’d better know how to hold his liquor. These guys didn’t have a clue and at one point, one of them came over to our table and grabbed my sunglasses before I quietly and quickity split took them out of his hand and didn’t respond to any of his questions so as to not give him any ideas or allusion that I was interested.

Much more endearing than the drunken slobs were a couple seated across from us. They couldn’t take their hands off one another and it was absolutely adorable. It worked, I think, because they both had the same colouring and they were young and cute and so into one another they didn’t take notice of anyone else in the joint.

There was a playfulness in the way they interacted and a comfort that engaged anyone who looked at them. (I’m all for public displays of affection when you’re not obscene and recognise it doesn’t suit everyone. It’s like The Dress That Borders Sl*t (TDTBS); some women can wear TDTBS and own it like no one’s business because they have an inherent class in the manner they carry themselves. Others wear TDTBS and look like prostitutes. Same goes for PDA.)

.6. I call this Shoosh’s Glamour Shot and Adeebo’s Crazy Eyes Shot. Love it; it’s now hanging in my office.

shoosh, adeeb & I

.7. Night out at some club on Park Avenue because most of the boys in the circle are bankers. (LOOK! I have on eye make-up!!)

shoosh & I

Best part of the evening was when one of the guys decided to tell me that what he did for a living was: “Build companies.”

I lost my sh*t and laughed so hard he couldn’t help but laugh with me.

“Build companies?”
My response was: “That’s like telling me you occupy countries. That says nothing to me except about the size of your ego, guy.”
Lucky for me I can deliver a joke and he can take it.
And I never deal where I refuse to play, so the rest of the interaction was light and fun.

.7. Met brother blogger HijabMan for a wonderful breakfast at the unGodly hour of 8.30 am on Sunday (my fault, this!) and was seated on the steps of St. Xavier church when I paparazzo’d (or is it: paparazzi’d, Espy?) him walking toward my NYC home…


He was handing out Sunshine to any one who would take it. Apparently, he had a hard time getting people to accept the Sunshine…but then I came along. And we all know I’m a HoneyPot. And that means I have enough charm to force you to receive the Sunshine. Three more lucky folks accepted the gorgeous flowers.

Before heading to breakfast, we went into St. Xavier to chill with Jesus.


…and this may very well be one of my favourite pics from the whole trip

sunshine in a church

(Note worthy: No implosion this time, either.)

(More note worthy: HijabMan’s take on our morning basking in Sunshine.)

.8. Breakfast with more Sunshine.


.9. While en route to the Karim Rachid store, I saw this beautiful statue of the map of Palestine and stepped two feet in to ask “how much?” Only then I noticed that there were Hasidic Jewish folk praying in the back room of this Gallery. I’ve never been so frazzled and caught off guard; not even at an Israeli check point where you expect to be treated like shit because you’re a Palestinian…probably because at the check point you’re braced and expecting it.

I turned around and immediately left as I’m certain I wouldn’t have been very welcome (had I enquired about purchasing even a map of what I consider Home).

map of palestine

…and finally… .10. Who doesn’t love finding a Heart on the Street?

heart NYC

This trip to NYC has been among the best.
I feel in love with Shoosh all over again, and I love that I love Adeebo. It’s always so hard if you don’t click with your girls’ men, but Adeeb is an amazing guy and their relationship is a treasure, Alhamdulilah.

(Aside: I forgot my favourite jeans at their place. I am still shocked every time I realize this; these jeans are like a second skin. They’re perfect and I’ve had them for nearly three years. They’re worn and torn and they’ve seen half the world with me…and currently, they are en route to Shoosh’s mom’s and I am awaiting the moment that I will greet and embrace them once again.)

Find the complete series of photos here.