Conversations With Little People

“Hi, you’ve reached Cleo, Dane, Nora May & Trent. We can’t take your call right now, so please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.”

“Hey Cleo. It’s Maha. I just got your email – I was out of town this weekend, but I’m home all week and would love to come by on Thursday night. I’ll pick something up on the way over and we can watch Grey’s…”



“Hello Trenty.”


“How are you?”

“I GOO.”

“Good! Me, too. What are you doing?”


“How fun! Are you enjoying having mommy around over the holidays?”



“Hello? Who is this?”

“Hi Nora May. It’s Maha.”

“Oh. Hi Maha.”

“Hi honey. How are you?”

“I’m good. We’re playing.”

“That’s great. Is mommy around?”

“She’s taken a shower. Please leave a message.”

“Should I call back?”

No, Maha. Please leave a message.” (With the clear inflection that she thinks I must be a little slow in the head to ask such a foolish question.)

“Uhm. With you?”

“Yes please.”

“Ok. Will you please tell her I called and that I will see her on Thursday.”

“Yes, okay. Goodbye.”


Kids amaze me.
I wish adults were as honest as them.