North Africa in August

Below was originally posted on 6/29/09. I will be offline until back in the country – have a good little while, both fun and safe…xo

I keep forgetting to mention that I will be in Tunisia in August.

I need this…I need to be in a place that reminds me of home; the Mediterranean, the smell of sand & sun-heat, real history and culture and tradition, ornate carpets covering absolutely everything, the sound of the athan above the crash of waves and muffled by humidity, traditional middle eastern wooden coffee tables inlaid with mother of pearl, older men playing sheesh-beesh at the cafes while listening to futbol, sweet mint chai, grilled lamb, fresh watermelon on the beach, and swimming from morning until night.

Last I was in North Africa was when I was 4 years old. This is the place where I was born and I need to go back to start again, it would seem.

(If any of you have recommendations as to must sees & dos, please email them my way. Thx & x.)