Dear Phil Hartling (at Rogers Cable Inc.):


How are you?

My father and uncle received the letter (photographed here) from Rogers Cable Inc., detailing your special offers specific to the Muslim celebration of Eid.

I don’t have cable and I currently use Bell for both my mobile as well as internet services. But guess what, Phil? Because your company is amongst the first to respectfully acknowledge that there is a demographic of creatures called Muslims – who celebrate rather than explode – you have just gained a new customer (that’s me, Phil).

Also, it is exceptionally cool of your communications team for having properly included both “Eid Mubarak” as well as the crescent moon (which is – to those who do not know – the symbol of Islam).

With thanks, and looking forward to eventually buying a rogers product,
P.S. To those of you interested, please find Rogers’ official press release here.
P.S. to the P.S. Here is the Rogers site.