Friday Night Lights & the UT Longhorns (Happy Birthday to me)

Are you watching this show yet? Are you watching Friday Night lights yet? Why not? What could you possibly be doing that hasn’t allowed you to watch this show just yet? It will make your life a brighter one – trust me. You will learn, you will think, you will cry, you will try to make out with Tim Riggins and instead receive an electric shock because your saliva hitting the television screen is not the brightest of ideas. At least that’s what I hear from other people.

Friday Night Lights is brilliant from A to Z. It is the best acted, written, directed television show I have ever watched, and you should be watching it too, unless you consider The Kardashians interesting, then Friday Night Lights doesn’t require your low IQ in its audience. You would be a fool to let this show pass you by; and so when you watch it, please make it count so that we ensure this show stays on the air.

The beautiful man in this promo is Coach Eric Taylor (HI! Kyle Chandler); the beautiful woman Principal Tami Taylor (HI! I LOVE YOU! Connie Britton); the man looking over his eyeglasses, the character bringing electricity to this show Joe McCoy (I shake my fist at you (lovingly)! D.W. Moffett). (East Dillon better kick Panther ass, Writers.)

In honour of this show, I am creating a new category label titled Friday Night Lights. At the bottom of this entry, you’ll find it – click it if you’re interested in reading all of my sad & lame entries.

Also, please note the greatest birthday present I have ever received is this UT Longhorns at-home vs Colorado football game ticket. (I was so excited to receive this that I nearly passed out…don’t you dare judge me, unless it means I come out smelling like clean fresh shampoo.)

Darrrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium
40 yard line
2nd row
Behind the Longhorns
(…eat your heart out, boys & see you in Austin in a couple of weeks)

UT vs Colorado