Day 37: What yoga teaches a non-cobbler…

Apart from the obvious “don’t step on someone else’s frikin’ mat”, “don’t talk in the frikin’ quiet room”, “keep the frikin’ door of the HOT room closed, so the heat doesn’t escape”, and “pretty toe-nails a must”, the past 5 plus weeks have taught me that the possibility of time slowing, is in fact real.

In a rushed and otherwise ‘time is money’ environment, yoga brings things to center and focus quietly whispering you have all the time in the world.(1)

Often, I am the last sleeping on my mat, enjoying the additional few moments of complete and total focus, thanking my body for giving itself to one more class in such a long and often exhausting but everyday rewarding almost six weeks.

More than most, I have a crazy busy social schedule for which I am grateful (and about which my friends will attest, they must book me usually two weeks in advance…and that sometimes, I may be the ass who double-books because she forgot that she previously had plans with another).

Like, earlier this evening, I sent out party invitations for January 8th, 2011. Seriously.

Had you previously asked me whether a daily two hours was available, I would have said ‘some times, but definitely not every day’. Yet somehow, every single day for 37 days, there have been an additional 2, sometimes 2.5 hours surrendered to nothing more than well-being, health, and me meeting this challenge.

See? Majic.
Time is slowed, elongated, stretched and deepened to make room for the necessary. All adjectives transferable to the physical change that yoga has brought to my body.

What’s on the inside suddenly translated on to the surrounding exterior environment.

So amazing that it makes me giddy.(2)

(1) This is written with the full knowledge that I am not a single parent, that I do not have a husband and child whom I am breast-feeding, that I am not in University, that I am not forced to hold two or three jobs, that I do not swing from trees (often), that I am not a cobbler, that I am not residing in Austin (boo!) but rather, I am single and healthy, without obligation and currently my time is entirely my own to control.

(2) To those asking: no, I have not stopped boxing, but have had to place that on hold as I am traveling far too much until the end of March.

Image from Tree Hugger(dot)com.