NBC should buy me dinner first

I am seated at Lexington enjoying a spicy pumpkin bisque soup and listening to Ben Harper.

I am also listening to the couple next to me break up, because nothing says “respecting what we had” like a public dumping. I bet 2 cents that they are fans of Jersey Shore, and these a**hats are killing my mood.

Speaking of a**hats, I did the NBC Studio Tour this early evening (last one of the day at 5.30 pm) with Pages Lauren and Dave. I have been to this City countless times but have never once thought to enter the NBC building, let alone take the tour. It was 5.14 pm when I decided, and so I shelled out the $20 to take the tour.

Fun Fact no 1: less than 1% of the applicants for ‘page’ internships are accepted.

A tour which is tailored to 30 individuals per round; only tonight your WebMistress was the only Loser taking the Tour (and so I told whoever listened that I had bought out the tour – all 30 tickets – because I am that needy for attention). In all honesty, it was sort of amazing because I was able to ask all kinds of questions and step on and over things freely. Because I was the only person on Tour, escorted by two pages, people were staring and a few waving (from behind glass, one of them pointed, made the number ‘1’ and laughed).

Dave and Lauren were wonderful (though it seems poor Lauren had a little of the sniffles) and every one we ran into belonged in one of the following two camps: either the “B*tches, I have been waiting around for ONE PERSON?!” camp or the “Check it AWT! ONE PERSON ON TOUR! MIKEY! Ay-oh MIKEY! LOOK! Just ONE person!” camp.

Not surprisingly, no one bothered to mask either their disdain or their curiosity, a curiosity only matched if I were a real live panda making my way through the building. Judging by the reactions, I don’t think that had ever happened before, and so I should have won something, because I clearly somewhere along the way lost my self-respect.

A task completed at exactly the moment I handed NBC $32 for a dvd of my “reading” both the news and the weather.

Fun Fact no 2: NBC places the dvd in a plastic case, inside of a clear plastic bag. Anyone who has walked past me and bothered to look at my plastic bag, knows I am a bona fide loser.

Fun Fact no 3: suddenly, people are giving my parka and I a very wide girth.

I am now going to have a cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop (@ 420 Lexington) and wander around Times Square to spy on more people.

Additional Notes:
* I am certain that Lincoln (sp?) Town Cars are an alien race, here to take over the world starting at Manhattan. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
* Canada’s beloved Tim Horton’s is branded differently in the US. It’s branded as though it were drawn by Big Al of Happy Days.
* McAnn’s Bar & Grill is situated on Little Brazil street. He got lost while on his way to every other street in NYC.

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