Keys to The Cloud Cave

BREAKING! The ants in my pants are no more, and I miss them.

I am entirely bagged. I have a tension headache that I can’t fix, since Tuesday. It came with my keys.

I have barely eaten, and being the crazy person that I am, I didn’t check the weather before packing away my clothes, and so am left with a week’s worth of really lovely summer pieces entirely useless when it’s -8 outside.

I need a massage, a hot bath in salts and lavender, and a home-cooked meal. None of these things will happen until Saturday night.

Right now, I just wish to be moved in at home with some quiet, scented candles, and warmth. It honestly can’t happen soon enough.

P.S. If any of you have a home remedy for my headache, please send it my way. Thank you x