That time I found someone repulsive

dwighthb5“Human emotions are most directly influenced by smells that act directly into the brain. Your scent or pheromone signature determines, to a very great extent, how persons respond to you – positively or negatively.” (Source: Skin Biology)

Once upon a time, I had a very big crush on someone. Then one day, I discovered some things about this individual that not only shut down the crushing, but threw it into the middle of an ocean and dropped a nuclear bomb on it.

I have before always said that the Universe speaks to us in different ways – dreams, gut feelings, instinct, all of which are items unseen. When it comes to matters of the heart and body, there is one more unseen which I keep forgetting to mention, and that is pheromones.

Returning to the crush mentioned above, there is a particular memory which had (and will continue to) always strike me. I was standing next to this person when I caught a sniff of him. Not of cologne, and neither of shampoo nor deoderant, but rather a smell of him; his pheromone signature. I was immediately and quite violently repulsed. Enough that I had to take a step backwards and recoup from what my body had just frantically texted me and attempted to post on my Facebook wall: Something’s not right. ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!

Pretty much, the face in the photo attached is the expression of what my body felt when I sniffed him.

This physical message, it came before the news which would send my crush into Shut Down and Nuclear Bomb mode. Interesting, yes?

So. Next you have an as-of-yet unrealized crush, find a way to smell them. If you must, please pretend to trip, or engage in a stop drop and roll; whatever you need to do to get in their and perform a proper scratch ‘n sniff. If your body experiences immediate PTSD then pull the ripcord and abort and / or redirect-to-another the mission STAT.

I’m fully convinced that a person’s natural scent, their pheromones – they are quite possibly one of the top most crucial determinants available to us in our decision making process, and the least thing to be ignored because it is the one thing which can not be affected. Careful careful sniffing, please.