Elle Beaver – I am your new favourite Consigliere

tom hagenDoes “Consigliere” have a gender? Either way, I have better hair than Tom Hagen.

So, over here on this Elle Beaver intro page you’ll find the details about my new gig. They have written some lovely things about me (because I gave the author a kidney). We’re not yet confirmed on which of the days the column will go live weekly, so keep them bookmarked and your eyes saucer-ed for the info.

They are one hell of a group of women authors, self-described as Canadian feminists discussing issues & challenging each other. And everyone else. They’re pretty hard not to love, even if you want to punch them in their opinions (which you should not ever, because we all know that stomping one foot on the ground and articulating a well thought-out counter-argument with fist raised in the air produces better results, silly).

Also, remember that you can each Monday find one of my new advice columns over here with the incredible team at Chai Latte Diaries.

Thanks much for your support; as always, I will do my best not to give shit advice.

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