#31FunnyStati – The Challenge

baby laugh1/31: I’ve already completed a 6 week everyday hot yoga challenge as well as a photo a day for 365 days and this morning, I was trying to come up with another challenge for myself. Quite often, I think about the medicine that is laughter (both fake and real) and keep coming back to the fact that children laugh / smile 400 time a day, as opposed to adults who crack their faces only about 20 times a day. Fuck, we are grumpy.

This was originally intended as a 365 day project, but ten days in, I am editing this to confirm that that would be near impossible due to the length of the Stati which have morphed into full-length stories.

My First World Problems mind yells DEVASTATION!! every time I think about this, most especially when I consider the immeasurable health benefits of laughter. Accordingly then, I decided to start my own small trend – 31 Funny Status Updates, hashtagged as #31FunnyStati. Originally, I had written: I’m starting today as soon as I have ingested enough caffeine not to hate people. and was told that was my first funny one. Because I am lazy, I accepted this and am running with it. That was my first one, hurrah!

Now. Since I made up #31FunnyStati, I equally get to come up with the rules, of which there are only two – first, aim for a guffaw; expect a smile. Second, while it might be my preference you are not expected to strip whilst laughing, and position yourself in the same way as the child in the photo.

I do not wish to bury this site in #31FunnyStati and so still considering how often I will share said updates. Most likely, it will be that I only post the longer-winded ones.

Updated to indicate: Once the 31 days are over, I will move the funniest ones on over here for safe-keeping as I often clean up my FB timeline and wish for them to remain safe and sound, recorded.

Join me if you’d like x