Maha Mondays: More iron than velvet, this week

clinging womanFor Chai Latte Diaries and Elle Beaver advice columns – please be advised that I have neither admin nor edit rights to either their FB pages or their websites. Additionally, I do not ever choose which Qs either team will send my way; rather, the editors will sort through the Qs received, decide which will go live, and then send that Q to me.

Please direct your questions only to them, as anything sent my way privately will remain unanswered.

Things get a little rough over at Chai Latte Diaries, and my advice was missing only one thing – that this young woman seek professional help for her compulsion if, after reading this, she remains incapable of letting go: 4) Recognize that your former hostage is not a Unicorn who can sing and dance and give really amazing advice. He’s just a dude, who’s likely really gassy at this very moment, so take him off of the RIDICULOUS pedestal on which you have placed him.

5) Live by this rule: Just like there is no coercion in faith matters, Sweet Girl, so too can there NEVER EVER EVER be coercion in matters of the heart.”