2008. A conversation.

Snippet from a recent conversation in my life:
Friend: “That’s how peanuts grow.”
Maha: “Peanuts ‘grow’?”
Friend: “They grow beneath.”
Maha: “Beneath the sky?”
Friend: “Beneath the ground. Like potatoes.”
Maha: “Oh.”
Friend: “Where did you think peanuts came from?”
Maha: “…”
Friend: “They grow. It’s a plant.”
Maha: “…”
Friend: “Where’d you think…”
Maha: “I didn’t.”
Friend: “…”
Maha: “I thought they came in a can.”
Friend: “But they would have to be grown before they were put into the can.”
Maha: “I just. Forget it.”
Friend: “Come on. What?”
Maha: “I thought they were made by Mr. Planter.”

Several weeks later, I watch an episode of The Gilmore Girls dvd (received as a gift):
Lorelai: “It’s like a peanut tree.”
Rori: “Peanuts don’t grow on trees, mom.”
Lorelai: “What do you mean? It doesn’t matter, anyway.”
Rori: “Peanuts grow beneath the earth.”
Lorelai: “Plants, trees, who cares, it’s all the same to me. They’re peanuts and we eat them and that’s all that matters.”

It is no wonder that I love the Gilmore Girls still.

**#31FunnyStati was a success. I will soon explain why some future posts will have #31FunnyStati leading the way.