10534492_10154374697075553_6545426010985240453_nMany of you are asking how I am doing and how my family is doing in Gaza. I’ve not been able to discuss anything much but have only managed to be alive about it on Twitter. This is the primary reason I have not responded to your emails; I’ve not know what to say and so chose silence instead. Moments ago, a conversation led to this little blurb which I have chosen to share here, rather than message individually. With love to you all…

I just said to my friend that for those of us with family in Gaza, we are ‘seated on the sidelines of hell’ waiting for nothing to happen and terrified that the worst will come to pass. Every time my phone buzzes, I hold my breath until I read the note.

Since Israel’s ground invasion, Israel has cut the electricity for upwards of 15 hours beginning around sunset. This silence is deafening, pregnant with the kind of news its morning unsilence might bring.

Since begun, the fear sits behind my eyes and I cry without much prompt. Like earlier today when I saw a man seated serenely with his newborn, rocking gently on their porch. What I actually saw was innocence alive, blessings in abundance, parents with their babies safely painted in their arms, a lifetime of opportunity still on the horizons of their tiny chubby cheeks and I began to cry in thanks, confusion, rage, and fear.

My aunt Amal, to whom I am closest, yesterday wrote how she is feeling really down, depressed, and helpless. I was staring at her message with nothing to offer. Nothing. Nothing but words of love and support that can not provide shelter from Israeli bombs. So – they are nothing. I am impotent and helpless and sit on the sidelines of hell while my family are pawns in a repulsive game of political manoeuvrings and monstrosities.

I offer nothing but prayers.

And I ask you to please do the same – keep Gaza in your prayers. From your hearts to His ears.

For those of you interested, please learn from these brilliant Israeli organizations working diligently for a just peace:

B’Tselem בצלם
Jewish Voice for Peace
Breaking the Silence
תנועת יש גבול Yesh Gvul Movement
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Gush Shalom