The Do Nothing Challenge

They gave me a forklift with which to eat my fruit salad, y’all. Maybe they looked at my mouth and thought I needed help? Point is, if you need me, go to the nearest construction site.

We are in Luxor, and tomorrow morning we will watch the sunrise over the temples, inshAllah.

My day was quiet, on purpose. I have not slowed since December 1st, and so I need to give myself the opportunity to learn nothing, to be comfortable in nothing. This will be my greatest challenge, I think, but I’ll get there.

Best part of my day was when I nearly became a consular case. The concept of line-ups isn’t very big here. After nearly three weeks of leaning into this (When in Rome, and all that jazz), tonight I wasn’t having it. At the airport. Going through security. Not the smartest, but I had reached my limit. I was placing my items on the conveyor belt when a family literally swarmed me and started placing their items over and in front of mine. The patriarch pushed his way past me as did two of his children. I didn’t let this pass quietly, while with phone in hand ready to dial my friends at the embassy should someone have hauled my ass away.

They didn’t. This, to my luck, since my father, who was busy placing his items JUST SO with a measuring tape on this same conveyor belt, wouldn’t have noticed my removal until it was too late. (I was moments away from enquiring if he was planning a photo shoot of his display.) Small mercies, I guess.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Blue-based red.
2. Temples that stand the test of time.
3. Consular teams at Canadian embassies. (You are stars!)

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