The Day with Baba

I spent more one-on-one time with Baba today than I have since possibly 2009.

Quite happily, he took me to masjid Mohamed Aly (mosque), Al-Azhar Park, and then for a three hour walk through neighbouring streets to show me the hotel at which him and my grandfather (rest your soul, ya seedo) used to stay when he was a child, and his university, Al-Azhar. Though security wouldn’t initially permit us inside, they were – after learning that a father wanted to show his daughter his university days, let us in enough for me to photograph the entrance to his lecture hall and the Uni plaque itself.

Sidebar: Something I can only describe as precious happened repeatedly throughout the day. Little girls aged 12 – 16 kept asking to have their photos taken with me. These were several unrelated groups in different locations. Neither myself nor my family is sure what the interest was, but the sweetness of these little girls was quite endearing.

Back to baba. My father is the most learned man I know. I am always amazed by his intelligence, and depth of knowledge, so whenever I can deep-dive, I absolutely take full advantage. Our day was threaded with history lessons, and religious conversations. My brain is a little bigger, but not as big as my excitement at baba and Maha time together.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Sleeping in.
2. Heba, who left today, and whom I already miss.
3. That no smoking is allowed in public spaces in Canada.

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