The First Salaam

Shortly before the taking of The Sabbatical, T, my baba’s wife began planning the surprise for his 70th birthday – me.

Last night, it all came together perfectly, much to this man’s surprise, a man who doesn’t like surprises. I am here now with her two children and we’re all competing for the Best Kid Award. And by the Best Kid Award, I mean I am constantly telling both baba and T that I am the Best Kid of the three presently in this country (the 4th could not join us). Because I’m transparent and prefer not to speak ill behind the backs of people, I do this in front of T’s seedlings K & H (who flew in to celebrate with us, such is the loveliness of my adoptive family).

Though I woke with angry hair (thanks, Cairo humidity), I also woke with far less anxiety than I have been facing for the past couple of months. Baby baby baby steps, y’all. May they continue for everyone whose heart is in need.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Adopted family who fit like Lego, and carry my heart when it is too heavy for it’s cage.
2. Nido with my morning coffee. This, a thing I would never do in any but a Middle Eastern country. Because nostalgia.
3. My baba’s smile.

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