The Coffee Hunt

In search of a home where I might pick up my other ignored writing, I went on a coffee hunt. First find was Coutume where the interior is industrial funk, and water is served in Erlenmeyer flasks. Whatever chemistry labs have to do with ‘coutume’, was beyond me. Coffee flavour was too burnt for my liking, but the baristas lovely. Better than the coffee was him, seen a few doors down –


Guarding his owner’s shop was he the first time I saw him. Second time, he’d made his way to the middle of the sidewalk while cuddling his little friend –

Irresistible, yes?

My other stop was Zia. Far more intimate a setting, better coffee, and with an incredibly fresh menu and home-baked goods that smelt of heaven.

The owner explained how the jam he served with his scones was originally made for his daughter’s teachers, but had been far too tart to gift. He’d let it sit for a couple of weeks, added some pear, and chemistry magic resulted in this creamy sweetness now being served. If anyone should have Erlenmeyer flasks, it’s him.

Strong rec that if in Paris, get your ass to Zia (22 Avenue de Tourville. I had amazing salmon tartar and will be going back to coffee and write.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. A day spent hours walking. My body has missed this.
2. Waking up feeling physically better than I have the past ten days. Hurrah 4 Healing ❤
3. Fresh produce. Every day, my last stop before home is a small grocery shop. The woman who has served me three days in a row today recognized me. I imagine with all of the fruit and vegetables I continue to purchase, she must think I am feeding a football team. (See you tomorrow, Lady!)

Paris | March 1, 2019

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