The Publishing Contract

I had to sit on this for a while until it had been reviewed by my trusted friends and fellow writers. Today, I signed it and can officially share that rose-water syrup, a collection of about 55 of my poems, will in fact become a paperback book which you will be able to hold between your hands. IN YOUR HANDS.

A little book. With my name on it. I am over the moon.

I continue to work on the manuscript and pray that nothing stands in the way of this coming to light. Should it, however, at least I know that my pieces were loved enough to warrant that a publishing family wanted to at one point make me one of their own. inshAllah kheir.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Jenn, who with much care and support, left me to my panic while I tried to scan the signed contract to send it back. The scan app wasn’t working and I was too wound up to think straight. During a lull in my panic, she quietly recommended that I instead take a photograph and email it to the publisher. Genius. Also, she took me for a wonderful lunch to celebrate (where I had the rarest cooked cut of steak ever I may have heard it moo). Beloved friend is she.
2. The wins. I must remind myself that always, always, always after the trauma, there are wins. Sometimes they are small and incremental, but other times they are large and glaring. This is the latter, and I am so grateful to Him.
3. The excitement of those with whom I shared this news before making it public. Thank you. I love you. BUY THE BOOK WHEN IT’S OUT! SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Paris | March 6, 2019

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