The Rainstorm

This photo is from yesterday. As I walked down the street perpendicular to this one, I noticed the one giant palm stood alone. Upon closer investigation, I discovered that they had in fact built the street around this lone tree, to keep it as is. More of this needs to happen in city planning.

Much later after this walk is when it began. Until now, it sounds as though someone is aiming a sprinkle-hose directly at my window. All day, this was the song accompanying us inside of the apartment.

Rather than head out into the cold rain, we decided instead to have a peaceful and cozy pyjamas Sunday inside. An abundance of coffee, fresh fruit and vegetables set us up for an even cozier evening of movies, and take-out from the Kebab & Doner restaurant a few doors down.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Awful romantic comedies like They Came Together. Thank you for reminding us of what relationships are most definitely not. Even more thanks for the eye-candy, however. (Note: Paul Rudd is nowhere near the #MeToo debacle of #NearlyALLMen. For that, we love him and will support all of his films.)
2. Catch-ups with beloveds across the seas. Always a soft blanket, these are among the most important of my heart’s keeper.
3. Twelve hours of sleep. What a beauty you are.

València | March 31, 2019

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