The Green Spaces

I’m sitting inside of the Palau de la Música, at the València Ciutat Cultura. I wandered in here from the park because they’re growing citrus trees inside of the center, and so I was curious. There is a concert this evening, but for whom I’m not sure. It’s just nice to sit beneath one of the trees and people-watch as I write.

Something I keep meaning to mention – the city smells like blossoms. I’m not sure if it’s blossoms and jasmine, or simply citrus blossoms confusing my nose. Either way, it’s wonderful and has at different times stopped me and Azza dead in our tracks to actually ‘stop and smell the roses’.

València is all parks, everywhere parks. Much of our walking yesterday and today has been through parks. Of course, and no doubt an influence of the Moors, these parks are filled with fountains.

Setting aside the beauty aesthetic, I imagine this much greenery comes in handy when the cooling of the concrete and steel is needed in the summers.

I mentioned this two days back when we had a rainstorm here – they tend to leave trees standing in the middle of otherwise concrete spaces. Noticeably so, in fact. There’s an interesting respect for nature here which is rarely the case in Canada, outside of our parks. I’m curious if this is because the country itself is primarily run on agriculture, and so respecting green is in fact a natural part of how the Spaniards run things. If you know of any trusted literature on this, please inbox it my way, thank you.

More pics of València’s green spaces over this way at insta.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Being surrounded by palm trees. I have always felt a sort of homecoming whenever I have seen palm trees (even in places as racist as Florida). They are here everywhere and they are gorgeous.
2. Rom-Coms. Azooza and I have begun watching one a night to close our evenings. The worse, the better. And let me tell you that we have discovered some terrible ones that have us absolutely howling.
3. Momma being safely in Jordan. She has made it through the border, alhamduliLah. Thank you to each of you for both your private and public messages.

València | April 2, 2019

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