The ‘Plan’

I am loathe to quote him, so will not mention his name but rather only what he said, which is: ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.’

Yesterday, I was very excited about the prospect of my today beach day. With Alice in Wonderland, once announced as A Lice In Wonderland** by my momma, I had planned on reclining into the sun. Sadly, I awoke to grey clouds and the threat of rain.

Bundled up, and because I am really a complete moron, I decided to instead take the train to Lagos where the cliffs and jutting rock will make one bend the knee, apparently. I mean, who decides that a rainstorm is a great reason for a train trip? Luckily, it began to rain on me (I had my umbrella and pancho!), and I opted out. Instead, I did the sane thing and spent the entire afternoon sorting through what I must do once rose-water syrup is released. I have a little work ahead of me; namely, to share it with individuals whom I don’t know personally, but whose work I admire and who would never otherwise know about rose-water syrup unless I threw it at them. inshAllah kheir.

Also, BUY MY BOOK when it is time, please and thank you.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The internets. Several times a day I wonder how anyone managed without it before. While I dislike the forced pace it has placed upon everything that we do, I appreciate all of the gifts it continues to give us on the daily.
2. Nathan Fillion. For the last few days, I have been watching him every night before bed (The Rookie, check it out. Or Firefly. Or all of Castle. Anything, really). He gives off such a dad vibe without ever having been a dad. How? And please let there never be a time when we discover he has any kind of sex chamber in his basement. Thank you.
3. Rain. It reminds me not to come back to Europe in the Spring, and it also feeds all of our greens. <3

Albufeira | April 17, 2019

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