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It was a long day, due to a few family-related matters, so I’ll only offer that tonight I attended a short speaking engagement by Yousef Bashir, author of ‘The Words of My Father’. Pick it up if you have a chance.

While he was saying goodbye to a UN employee, he was shot in the back by an Israeli soldier illegally occupying the upper floors of his family’s home. His family was permitted to ‘live’ and sleep, all eight children, and both parents, in their living room only.

His father preached forgiveness. Even after his son was shot in the back.

Read it.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. That things never got worse, because they can always get worse.
2. Shut doors. Both the physical ones and the metaphorical ones.
3. Peace-makers. Because I need them in spades today.

Ottawa | May 3, 2019

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