The Rizq

Rizq is defined as sustenance / livelihood. Muslim scholars differ on whether rizq only refers to that which benefits us, or everything which sustains us. I am more inclined to believe it is the latter, because a mu’min ought to believe that all benefits us, both good and evil. On this point, which is deserving of a longer article, I will merely write that we are directed to believe that ‘evil’ exists with God’s permission, but it is never rewarded (and, since the ultimate reward for us is the afterlife, then it’s hellfire for you Nazis and rapists and pedophiles etc.), and you have an obligation to fight it. Because this dunya is merely a bridge to the afterlife, wherein we have freedom of choice to support evil or fight it. 

Sidebar: Regarding where freedom of choice might land in the face of pre-determined rizq, the Muslim answer is we don’t believe that God experiences time / is constrained by time in the same linear manner as humans do / are. Further, He is limitless, which means He may be aware of literally every infinite possibility in each human’s life, and rizq allotted accordingly. W-Allahu a3lam.

She made me my favourite dessert – knafah nabulsyah. It’s two layers of shredded phyllo dough, between which is sweet cheese, all of which is drenched in rose-water syrup. Usually, crushed pistachio nuts are placed in the center of each piece, but here Ranoosh used them to write out Ramadan Kareem. I had less food for iftar in preparation for having two pieces of knafah. These pieces were my rizq.

From the day I was born, this rizq of mine was always held in trust for me, with her. From the day she was born, she was entrusted with this rizq for me.

Again, as with yesterday’s piece, this doesn’t mean sit behind closed doors and expect to be fed. Rather, it means having tawakkul. Do while believing. Plant your seeds, and water them daily, while knowing that God has got you.

Reflecting on the concept of rizq is such a beautiful road to generosity, isn’t it?

Because you will always receive what is meant to be yours. And sustenance, it is emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Brown’s Cleaners. Momma and me had to take care of quite an exhausting matter, but it was all facilitated by the excellent team at the Bronson Ave. location.
2. The company of righteous people. Rana and her family are one such group of individuals who elevate. These Peppers are a blessing.
3. Archie. I was really gunning for Muhammad, but we were never in Kansas, were we? (Thanks for coming out looking like a normal woman who just shot out a medium-sized watermelon from her smallest exit.)

Ottawa | May 8, 2019

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