The Waterside Hello

She commented on something which I had published, and I loved it enough to trace her back to her site. She was pregnant and healing through an extremely traumatic divorce; writing through some kind of pain, she wasn’t pulling any punches. Until today, I can always count on Becks to be the most vulnerable, and most authentic of the voices out there.

That was nearly fourteen years ago, and the rest would become history.

We have followed and shared in one another’s life since then. We have chatted on the phone, and sought one another’s advice. I have watched her have the baby, eventually remarry (happily, so happily), heal her divorce, raise extraordinary young men, and most recently, overcome cancer.

Yesterday, we discovered we were both in Lethbridge and so locked in a hangout. Today, fourteen years later, we finally met face to face and fell into conversation as though it was just yesterday that we had coffee. It was incredible. She is incredible.

There’s one other like Becks, but we’ve not yet met. These women are very seriously some kind of healing magic.

Lethbridge. Full of surprises around every corner.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Henderson Lake. Thank you for serving as a beautiful backdrop to my time with Becks.
2. Becks’ hugs. Strong, tight, full of love.
3. Soft-serve ice-cream. On the daily, here, in fact. A perfect compliment to the City’s heat.

Lethbridge | June 22, 2019

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