The Evening’s Mint Tea

This is an untouched photo, and that is indeed a stag at the left of the image. My last night in Lethbridge and this was the sunset view from our backyard, where we sit nightly (when not raining) to have our after-dinner sweet mint chai. There can be a particular type of heaviness in Lethbridge, reflected best in their low-sitting clouds; this time in the day, however, is always the lightest, it feels. I will miss it.

One thing I won’t miss? My fucked up sleeping schedule. Since arriving, I’ve been sleeping late, and waking early. My body’s clock is with-a-death-grip stuck to Eastern Standard Time, because there’s only a two-hour time difference. This time difference is the worst for me historically – my body doesn’t realize it needs to adjust, so my entire system becomes unhinged. Anytime I hit the West coast, this is my biggest struggle. Here in Lethbridge, it’s further aggravated by a sun that refuses to set earlier than 9:45.

My body is parched for routine sleep, and waking hours, either two hours behind, or anything an additional four hours forward.Though I already miss the sunsets, I welcome tighter hours.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Dreams. Of which I have had an avalanche across these last two weeks. AlhamduliLah, all of them with a good eye view on what’s to come.
2. Sight. I mean. What even is it? Trying to wrap my mind around it is wild.
3. Playlists. Did I mention that I’ve officially taken up running? Traditionally, I have hated running with a passion, but right now at this point in my life, it is fitting quite naturally and I am loving it. My playlist is made up of Public Enemy, Mos Def, Immortal Technique, and Wu-Tang. (Send me your running recs if you’d like, please.)

Lethbridge | Day 215 | July 3, 2019

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