The Cycle Closing II

The sun has set on another marker date. Hurrah!

As mentioned in the first part of this particular thread, there are four marker dates spanning until the 15th of September. August 23rd is the second.

(Thing is, there is technically a 5th and final date – March 21st – which, because it sits beyond the end date of this sabbatical, I will not address it’s new beginnings. Unless I shift this piece-a-day reality into a twice a week or even once a week situation after December 1st. TBD.)

Last year’s reference points on this day would show themselves as deceit, and cruelty.

Today then, the focus is transparency and extreme kindness. Transparency is my natural default, unless I am inclined to bind my tongue so I do not harm or hurt someone undeserving. Also, I keep some very minimal truths from my parents because it’s simply not of their business to know. Anything else, in fact all things else are up for discussion with people about whom I care in this world. Sometimes, even with complete strangers as some of you happen to be. (Hi! I like you very much and appreciate you equally. Thank you.)

Kindness, too, it is a default. Unless you fuck with me or someone I love. Then you’re dealt with on an extremely different and very particular plane. I mean, for Muslims, there is 7asbia Allah wa ni3ma al-wakeel, which I rarely use, but only when I fully expect and anticipate with every fiber of my being that Allah will reign shit down on said recipient when Allah deems it just right to do so. I leave this one to special occasions, as I do not wish to abuse His allowances. Funniest thing about this one? It is a saying, and a feeling. It has absolutely no action linked to it on the part of the individual expressing it.

What it is, is it is making Allah responsible for seeking Justice on your behalf. We give it up to Him, and walk away. Really simple. I have only exercised this on occasions when any additional energy spent by me on said situation would be time and energy I couldn’t be assed to spend. Or when the behaviour was so fucking wild that I could not think of anything earthly which might balance the misdeed in question. Leave this shit to God, and call it a day.

Where was I?

Right. Transparency and kindness were the jams of the day, and it has been a beautiful day where, from the moment I woke up, everything was just right, and everything felt just right.

My wish for you is that your future is full of such days, inshAllah.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Long walks. They are so good for the soul, and as a lover of older architecture, my neighbourhood is perfect, and I love seeing what magic people have made of their gardens!
2. Pumpkin seeds. They’re so damned good, even though they turn my lips an 80s shade of lipstick.
3. My brain. She’s been forced to learn how to become master over all of the bad things that her body is feeling, and it has been quite a study in discipline of the mind. I kind of really love it, though it is (all of the truth in truthland told) really fucking exhausting on some days. BUT NOT TODAY! Yay!

Ottawa | Day 266 | August 23, 2019

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