The Bridge

I’m sitting in Foley Square writing, after having come from the Brooklyn Bridge, and on my way for good old fashioned pasta in Little Italy. Another beautiful day here, but a word to the wise – NY in the summer months demands nothing but cotton. Absorbent, breathable, healthy cotton. I brought one non-cotton dress, put it on for five minutes and had to change immediately. Though the dress was loose, the heat and humidity made me feel as a sausage.

Speaking of. There are so many little hot dog dogs all over Manhattan, and they are so happy and excited. I’ve seen maybe three large dogs in Manhattan since arriving; while walking to Harlem, I noticed an immediate shift in dogs – not one little yapper, but rather all very large dogs. Pay attention next you’re here, and let me know if you notice the same thing.


I thought to try a new place once in Little Italy, but found myself once again at Puglia (189 Hester St). This is the oldest Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood and my personal favourite. Old school servings of food; meaning, they are excellent, and huge. Always, I leave with half of my meal in hand which I give to someone I come across. Unfortunately, like all US cities, NY is overflowing with people who need support. The table next to consisted of five, each of them leaving behind their own half portions. Don’t be like these people; take your food, and if you are able / can afford to, then please consider giving it to someone in need.

The rest of my day was spent between Union Square and Gramercy Park, people watching. I also did manage to get myself down to one of the Baked by Melissa shops, which has the best cupcakes in the world, each one a bite-size.

Sugar cookie, red velvet, and cookies and cream are my top three.

It’s been the perfect last day. Thank you New York, and all who make it what it is.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Mango on a stick, with all of the toppings (lemon, hot sauce, and chili powder). I purchased one as I was starting my little walk across the bridge, and it has been one of the best decisions since my arrival. Only by the grace of God did I not drip mango and chili on my white shirt; whatever you do, eat these things while stationary.

2. The fruit vendors all over Manhattan. You’ve kept me happy throughout this trip. No matter what time of day I was on the street, the same faces were working. Thank you; you are invaluable.
3. Yogurt. I don’t know what kind of deficiency I have right now, but I’ve been craving and having yogurt every single day  ❤️

New York | Day 275 | September 1, 2019

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