The Cake

I most definitely didn’t bake or ice it.

I also haven’t purchased a birthday cake for anyone in years, and apart from celebrating my own birthday in 2017, I’d not done so since 2014, and maybe ten years before then.

I regularly forget the birthdays of my parents, until one year, my mother made it very clear that I am in fact not permitted to forget wishing her either a happy mother’s day, or a happy birthday. But that’s it – we don’t generally celebrate birthdays. Haven’t done so for years.

The last time I did celebrate it in 2017, I promised myself I would celebrate every additional year I lived with good health and sound mind. My God, that promise, and that celebration felt like years ago. Definitely, it was another woman making such a promise entirely. One who feels like she is light-years away from me today.

But that’s not the point of today’s piece. Today’s piece is that Ranoosh’s birthday was yesterday, and due to my travels and a mind-kerfuffle with momma, things fell off our plates. Which is why today, we celebrated little Ranoosh, with a promise that since she’s really family, she’ll never expect this again ❤️

Today, I am grateful for:
1. My only NY purchase, which is now a part of my nearly 20 year old backpack (that you couldn’t pay me millions to exchange because of all of the travel memories she carries within her, and because my mother’s hands sewed this flag onto her) –

2. Every single thing my momma cooks, because it means that she is still here.

3. Emotional, and thought-pattern self-discipline.

Ottawa | Day 277 | September 3, 2019

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