The Near Moon

It looks like a normal street, except it isn’t. It takes me to her and for the last while, Thursday nights have somehow become sushi nights in Montreal. She might be the only other person who could live on sushi five nights a week. And, she (like me) brushes her teeth while walking around the apartment taking care of other business.

We are two days away from a full harvest moon, and a lovely new month. I am excited! For all things, and not one thing in particular.

In fact, my body and mind are completely abuzz in the best way possible. And which spilled out into a conversation with Laurence where it was impossible to keep on one steady topic, when there are 3,000 branches on which we must also hang. I am too tired this evening to go into the details, but it was conversation threads of theology, assault, the legal system, and abusive relationships. I will touch on the subjects lightly over the coming days while in Montreal, inshAllah.

Hoping your day was as wonderful as mine ♥️

Today, I am grateful for:
1. That our street was lit up like a Christmas tree by the near full moon, which is reigning in today’s image.
2. A toe 99% healed, with the slightest bit of pinch only when I move in one very particular way. California sidewalks really did do a number.
3. Bedtime in Montreal, with both Jules and Zidane purring alongside me.

Montreal | Day 286 | September 12, 2019

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