The Pilgrimage Home

This is where I spent the better part of my morning. Behind that ‘tree’ are speakers and Dulles was playing some worthy chill jams. I removed my Malcolm button because it had fallen off earlier and I refuse to lose it. Anyone have ideas on how to secure a safety pin, please inbox me. Thank you.

I usually hate this airport because you need to walk a fkn marathon from area to area; today, however, landing at 6.30am and not leaving until 12.30pm meant that I got to meander about rather than push kids out of the way to make a connection. On purpose, I walked at the pace of 1 km per hour just to confuse the security cameras who are most certainly highly entertained by the daily hysteria.

Also, and I swear to you, until around 11am, the airport was a proper zombie land. Not a soul, but for the employees and me. I loved it and walked that 1 km / hour pace the length of it for exercise.

I came home to mild cold and rain, but a lot of love. Baba collected me, and very much appreciated the sling which Brian fashioned for me to facilitate carrying my new piece of art (the brown cylinder leaning against my luggage). I am too tired to photograph her for you, but will do so tomorrow inshAllah.

Momma had dinner and cuddles. I am so happy to be home, but I very much miss Natty and Brian and our nightly RuPaul fix. I also miss Minet and Luna, their little babies.

Minet is 17 and I am worried I won’t see him again so I couldn’t say goodbye. My favourite thing about him? He sticks his four paws straight out when you carry him. Like he’s being electrocuted. He’s impossible not to love. Luna is the newest edition and she is, I am convinced, part Savannah. She’s just stunning, but insane. Which makes for many entertaining moments.

Laurence had been suggesting it for a while, because she sees me with Jules and Zidane; Reemo and Omar, too, while they were here; and now, Brian and Natty, while they National Geographic’d my brain with information about cats. I am finally and fully convinced that everyone is right; momma needs a cat so that I can babysit it. Stay tuned!

Today, I am grateful for:
1. More safe flights.
2. My baba.
3. My mama.

Ottawa | Day 334 | October 30,2019

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