The Dating

This is not the same dress that was in today’s story, but rather my this evening’s outfit. (In case you voted, the black sandal is the leading winner so far. The outfit will be worn for the XO Gala.)

Increasingly, I realize that I am a patterns girl. Not just in clothing, because I love mixing patterns and colours that don’t traditionally mix but also in IQ, apparently.

I recently did an IQ exam and scored near perfect in the recognition and identification of patterns. No surprise there if you’ve ever had a half conversation with me – I have written before that my girlfriends say I have Witchy Senses when it comes to men. But it’s not actually Witchy, it’s rather a heightened ability to recognize patterns and cycles which lend themselves to a safe ability for me to ‘guess’ what’s next. Really, everything exists in cycles, including the behaviours of others.

It’s both a blessing and a killer, because I can be unyielding when I start to see a pattern (and I shut down any room for movement because of it). A blessing in the sense that this offers a heightened sense of awareness, and therefore protection.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on yesterday’s question.

I’m now curious about how you date. I was speaking with a friend yesterday, presently on the dating scene. They told me that no one exchanges numbers anymore, but rather everyone is slipping into their DMs and vice versa.

So. Uhm. How do you call one another?
And is it forever texting, without the meeting up? This feels so impotent to me. And not any fun.

One of the reasons I refuse to engage anyone long distance anymore is because I want cuddles. And I want a body. And I want the ease of conversation face-to-face at 2am, and the eating of cheese together at 3am. Maybe throw in an orange or two.

Also, I sure as hell expect dates. Not hang outs. Not meet ups. Not hook ups.

Once upon a time there were two dudes. I want you to guess who lasted and who kept messaging me randomly until I told him to stop because he wasn’t taking the hint.

One sent me a text with ‘Let’s hang out sometime lol’, and the other one called my ass and asked me out. On a date. A proper and actual date.

A date. It usually goes something like –

I made a dinner reservation for 7.30. I’ll pick you up at 7.

I’m in a dress and heels.
Throw away your ripped jeans, and wear a fucking sports coat, gentlemen.

It’s an art form, a sort of wonderful and sexy theater for one another. What a sad world that instead, dummies are asking us to ‘hang out lol’.

Honestly, Christ. (All blessings and love upon him.)

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Friends who reach out and ask for help. A signal of vulnerability illustrating that you know you’re not immune to being hurt and in pain, and a door open to your friends that when we are in need, we too can seek your support.
2. C & P who, like Pepper, have been solid in their support and help with momma’s property. Thank you for helping me clean, for helping me sort insurance and construction, for providing input into messaging and positioning. Next time we are both away, you will be responsible for her house. 💃
3. Men and women who still like the theater and experience of courtship. YOU ARE LOVED HERE, FRIENDS. SO LOVED AND SO WELCOME.

Ottawa | Day 341 | November 6, 2019

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