The Saturday Coffee

This is Archer who, no matter the temperature, is usually only ever in pants. He’s one of my favourite cuddlers, next in talent only to his big brother.

These boys know how to give snuggles and hugs, just like their momma. I can name my girlfriends who hug proper, and Alex is among them. Jilly, too. Cleo is coming around. I still remember when C complimented me on my hug – I held her longer. I take pride in my hugging ability and judge others by their lack of it. Because I am an asshole. Also, because Science.

Fun Facts! Hugs reduce pain, stress, and fear. They make us happier, boost heart health, and protect against illness. HUG AWAY, FRIENDS. (Source: What Are The Benefits Of Hugging? Healthline)

Saturday morning routine – coffee, candles, velvet, fur, and so much conversation that Alex and me have to keep 27 consecutive pins in it while juggling the present nine on-going strands of information sharing, dissection, connection, reflection, and Which brings us back full circle regarding X two years ago, remember?s.

Few would be able to keep up. Always, there are important takeaways for us both. Always, we are sharing the same energy and heading in the same direction, though in wildly different ways.

An important thing is reflected in our (women) friends who have known us inside and out – they see us better than we see ourselves. She is the second of two who has said that I have shifted in energy, making my way into calmer and happier waters. As ever, I was happy to receive her eyeballing.

Things like this – the Saturday morning  routine of ”Home” is what I have missed more than anything. Now that I made the decision to no longer travel, but rather to settle in and nest for an untold time to come, I am happy, and I am more present than I have been in a while.

I love my City and everyone it keeps.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. A two hour catch-up with my Sissina, across waters.
2. Dinner with Cleo.
3. Gumboots.

Ottawa | Day 337 | November 2, 2019

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