The New Year’s Du3aas

I got lucky enough to spend some of yesterday with two of my favourite girls ❤️

Heading into this new year, some du3aas for us all –

Allahuma inni astakheeruka bi3ilmika wa astaqdiruka bi-qudratika wa as’aluka min fadlikal-3atheem – ya Rab ib3id 3anna al-shar, wil-hamm, wil-za3al, wil-7assad, wil-marrad. Usturha 3aleena, w’ighfirilna, w-wassi3 emaanah, w-tawil baalna, w-tawil roo7na.

Please increase us in taqwa, in tawakul, and in gratitude.
Please make us people of al-Fardous, and take my parents to the highest stations of Jannah, and bring and keep only people of Jannah in our lives.
Please reunite us with our loved ones in Jannah.
Please clarify and purify our heart’s intentions, and set them on the straight path.
Please increase us in imaan and in emotional, spiritual and physical health.
Please safeguard and protect us from the calamities and tribulations of both worlds.
Please forgive my parents and bring them home to You gently.
Please lift my parents to Heaven without judgment. Especially my mother.
Please increase me in patience and in understanding with respect to my parents’ behaviours so that I might never make them feel like a burden.
Please let me excel at the rights which my parents have over me. When I cannot do so out of a love for them, please let me do so out of my love for You.
Please increase me in courage and in confidence so that I might always stand guard for my parents.
Please make me a saddaqa jaaryah for my parents.

Please increase me in behaviours completed out of a love for You.
Please increase me in trustworthiness and in sincerity.
Please increase me in beneficial knowledge.
Please grant me correct aqeedah, and a depth of understanding for our deen with only the best, most beneficial, and correct daleel.
Please make all Muslim hearts steadfast on your deen.
Please forgive us for our panic, and anxiety, and please reassure our hearts.
Please sharpen our vision regarding the value of our lives in this dunya.
Please increase us in tawakul and in fearlessness of all but You.
Please increase us in comfort in spaces of uncertainty.
Please protect our hearts from the diseases of envy, pride, and arrogance.

Please let me be a place of rest for others, and only surround me with those who are a place of gentleness for myself.
Please provide us with suttor in both worlds.
Please help me to see, and always right my faults.
Please ensure that my behaviour results in my name being spoken of with only kindness and respect in the rooms where I am not present.
Please increase people in love for us, and in respect for us.
Please bind the tongues of those who would speak us harm, and bind the hands of those who would do us harm.
Please help us to bind our own tongues, and to rectify our shortcomings.
Please forgive us for the sins we did not know we were committing, and for those of which we are fully aware.

Please safeguard us from financial calamities of dunya.
Please increase us in financial and otherwise charity.
Please protect us from falling prey to consumerism.
Please help me fight the demands of patriarchy’s beauty standards, and increase the love I have for myself as I age.
Please increase my ability to see the physical and otherwise beauty of others.

Please protect us against fidee7a.
Please protect us against 7assad.
Please help me to recognize Your voice when You are guiding me. Please help me to follow this guidance.
Please do not let others mock, oppress, take advantage of, or humiliate us.
Please surround us by only those who safeguard us, and advocate for us, and increase us in the ability to do the same for others.
Please protect us from wlaad-al7araam. Please keep from us those who would place their profit and their ease over our safety and well-being; surround us with only those who know that in keeping us safe, they are keeping themselves safe. Increase us in this belief so that we are able to create wider spaces of softness in your dunya.

Please protect us from our nafs.
Please protect us from this dunya’s loneliness, with a reminder that You are ever-present.
Please increase our suttor as we age.
Please increase us in spiritual, physical wealth and health as we age.
Please ensure that we are never wanting, nor ever at risk, as we age.
Please safeguard all single Muslims from the demands of their bodies.
Please bring me my man; and You know best who will bring me the greatest ease, protection, and peace for my spirit. Please increase him in health, and in religious sophistication, and make him as our Prophet, a great advocate for women.

Please protect us from the ravages of old age.
When it is our time to come Home, please let us be in a state of peace, and tranquility, surrounded by those who love us. Please safeguard us from violence, trauma, fear, and fidee7a at the time of our passing.
Please let us die with shahadah on our tongues, and peace in our hearts.
Please ease my pain, and surround me with beloveds when You take my parents to You, and carry me gently to the other side of this pain.
Please lighten for us the questioning of the grave, and make our graves spacious, full of light, and kind company.
Please make our judgment fast, and protect us under Your Arsh.
Please favour us with the bliss of seeing You in the hereafter, and make the Qur’an our companion in this and the next world.

Please give us the courage to raise our voices against injustice, and protect us from worldly repercussions for so doing.
Please forgive us when we are unable to raise our voices, but always let us know in our hearts what is unjust.
Please safeguard and protect all Black people across the world, but especially those in the United States of America letting them see true and meaningful justice.
Please safeguard and protect all Palestinians inside and outside of the Occupied Territories, letting them see true and meaningful justice. Please let my parents see a free Palestine in their lives.

Please elevate my Ummah.
Forgive my Ummah.
Have mercy on my Ummah.
Please grant rest to, and protection for our elderly.
Please lift the stations of all Muslims oppressed, raped, murdered, and humiliated.
Please bring ease and relief to those deprived, burdened, and oppressed.
Please protect my Ummah from falling in love with dunya, at the sake of aakhira.
Please protect us from war zones, persecution, rape, slaughter, and humiliation. Please make Your judgment immediate and swift for those of the Ummah who would commit such acts against others.

Please bring peace to, and elevate the stations of those who died in the Grenfell and Brooklyn fires. Please bring peace to the heart of Ishak Drammeh.

Please make me sincere in this du3aa.
Please do not let me deviate into shirk, kufr, or bida3.
Please turn my heart towards only that which is beneficial to me in aakhira.
Please make me amongst the mu7sineen, the mukhliseen, and the mutaqi’een.

Grant me relief and protection in You, always.