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Elvis Costello is the biggest badass in the industry

In support of the Divestment campaign, Costello cancels his two scheduled concerts in Israel. Read his full statement here and share the information, as you see fit. If you support…

Animated short from Gisha: Legal Center for Freedom of Movement

From the amazing activist and (anti-Zioniost Jewish) Yoni Goodman, please watch this 1 minute and 35 second animated short. Share if you think it is worthy of dissemination. Comments closer.

$15 Billion annually from US tax $$ to Israeli citizens (understanding the Zionist power lobby in the USA)

The video that was originally posted on YouTube has mysteriously disappeared. You can, instead, find it here. Watch & share. As Americans, you need to understand that while you are…

UN’s Richard Falk: IDF seizure of Gaza-bound ship ‘criminal’

Please take a moment to read this. From the article: “Richard Falk [who is an expert on international law], an American Jew and the United Nations special rapporteur on human…

Petition to be signed today (15 Jan 2009)

From friend Charles Glass: “Attached is an open letter concerning the Israeli war on Gaza. If you agree with its terms, please send your signature directly to p.hallward@mdx.ac.uk . It…

Song for Gaza

Please share. Comments here are closed.

Fashionable death in Gaza

This is my article at rabble re the war on Gaza. Comments here are closed…

My interview with CBC re Gaza

Gaza.mp3 I sure do say “absolutely” a lot. & Happy new year to you all. Comments here are closed.


This is where you will find the most comprehensive information about what is happening in Gaza. Bookmark it. All over the world there are demonstrations and vigils being organised. Look…