Maha Mondays: Flirting & Mommas

7cd427b4ac2c2c1b00232c22c7c22fadOn May 19 at CLD, this hilarious seeker of advice wants to know how to flirt so she no longer has to hide behind coffee cups: “…the answer will be found when you meet the man who interests you enough to get over your shyness so that you may learn him some more. There are no steadfast rules or ‘how to-s’; everyone is different and what works for some, can not work for others because of each person’s unique individuality.

Meaning, it’s not a check-list of things you might do to come off as “flirty”; if you try to go this route, you will end up looking like a bona fide knob-head who “twirls her hair, bats her eyelashes, speaks in soft puffy tones, only asks him questions about what interests HIM”. This is not who you are; this is not who most interesting women and men are.”

On May 25 at CLD, a young woman asks the same question posed by every single daughter throughout the course of her life – What do I do when Momma papercuts me with her words? “No loving parent looking out for the best interest of their child is all “WOO-HOO YEAH!” when they hear that their words have made us bleed.

Which is what you need to do – tell her. It will not be an easy conversation because very few people like to go through any kind of growing pains, but parents must – as children do – go through this very pain of growth when they are faced with an adult who says ‘I will always be your baby, but I need you to remember that I am an adult and I need you to treat me as such’.”