The Time-Stamp

This is my favourite landscape (or is it aesthetic? I’m actually not sure). New Mexico can’t come soon enough, inshAllah. You’re getting my favourite photos from Sayulita, though I am now home for a spin.

While at lunch some weeks ago, I mentioned how I see the number 12.34 everywhere, repeatedly. I knew it was holding some kind of significance but what precisely, I didn’t yet know. I wasn’t even sure it was a time-stamp.

Until Sayulita.

12.34 pm. I couldn’t have missed the strength of the intuition if I’d tried, and though I didn’t take note of it upon first reading, I did later that day while re-reading.

I trust His voice, and I follow it. I don’t believe that the end result is the only thing important but rather the lessons of the journey itself, and no journey begun in 1974 will end until I am returned to Him.

I also trust and accept that sometimes, while the journey maybe serves me a little, it also presents others with opportunities for their own growth and development should they accept it, because again – in the Universe’s neutrality, you are always given a choice.

At 12.34, my intuition wasn’t gentle. It was violent in its need to be heard through unabated clarity: Pull all of your energy back to yourself. Every single bit of it. 

I tended to the message from Allah with only love, always love.

Because, a gentle reminder for the gentle hearts “Perhaps you dislike something which is good for you and like something which is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know.” (Qur’an, 2:216) 

Meaning, there is neither fight, nor pain in what He has written for us, but rather only gratitude for the lovely journey, care for the vessel in which our own growth took place, gratitude for everyone who was on the journey with us, and excitement about what He has in store for us next, alhamduliLaah. 

But friends let me tell you. I have never hit Eject faster. I cut the energy fully to complete and total safety and peace in my body.

I have never offered more than 75% of myself to any given situation other than to my family. It’s a conscious decision. Should I need to pull back, it’s easier to do than if I had given all of myself to any space. It’s also, for me specifically, an important part of ensuring and keeping autonomy, clarity, and vision forward. Maybe not so unusual is that it’s in the 25% that I don’t lose myself, as equally as it is the reason I take responsibility for all of my contributions (none of us are sovereigns; we are all contributors. Anyone selling you otherwise is gaslighting you) to the 75%.

I pulled back all 75% so that it might join the 25% already sitting quiet in its usual energetic spaces throughout my heart/body/soul. ❤️

At around the same time that this 12.34 clearly began winding itself to its manifestation, I noticed a new number began to show up alongside it. It’s not yet as strong, but I am paying extra close attention.

Until which time, I’m going to remind you that as of March 18, we’re in Mercury pre-retrograde shadow.

Big love to you each and every one x


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