MahaMonday: Online monogamy

woman chattingAt Chai Latte Diaries, Bro A spends a couple of minutes having a conversation with a woman online on a dating site. The same woman who his Bro B thinks he might marry. Bro A doesn’t know if he should tell Bro B that the woman is a chatting chatterer who chats online and isn’t really sure what that might even mean. If anything. Because it doesn’t.

…as a guiding personal principle, always default to (1) not being suspicious; (2) not assuming that the actions of others are ill-intentioned; and (3) being a siteer (the Arabic word for s/he who ‘covers’, either physically or metaphysically); God will do the same for you.

Finally, keep this email as Proof of Life in case one day your friend discovers you had a conversation with her and reacts poorly that you did not tell him. Tell him to be rational (if he is not) and then blame me. Then leave this be.

Last point – you are a good friend who clearly has an amazing heart and is ferociously loyal. (You have my permission to add this to your dating profile.) Thing is, a part of being an amazing friend means trusting that our friends are smart enough to make the right choices and decisions.”

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