MahaMonday: Regarding his silence

Teenager looking at red phoneAt Chai Latte Diaries, a currently sad (surely beautiful and amazing) little monkey has asked a man out and met with silence. What now?: …your way forward is clear – you get to leave him alone. Because you have asked and he has not responded, and that’s not silence, Sweetheart – that is an answer and that answer is ‘no’.

You have clearly already placed too much on him and put him on some kind of a pedestal. The same man who doesn’t have the courage, politeness or decency to receive and then to respond to an invitation in the only acceptable way – with grace, thanks, and an adult’s communication of language rather than silence.

Stop communicating with this person and thank God that He has removed him from your path. Which is to say: Do not. Under any circumstance. For any reason at all. Reach out to this man. If he reaches out to you, don’t engage. There is no reason and you should not be expending emotional real-estate on a man who is not interested in building on that real-estate. Because as long as you have a squatter on your emotional real estate, a man who is indeed interested in building rather than squatting will not have room to do so and that’s not fair, mostly to you.

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