MahaMonday: Divorce & family

post divorce

At Chai Latte Diaries, I was asked how one might handle extended family who is frumpy frumping about a female member’s divorce and her life-choices. I frown all over my response, while frowningly noting that she deserves and is entitled to seek the support of her family even though they clearly don’t deserve her because she is so lovely and they are being unkind and without grace: “Rather than placing your energy into seeking the approval of those who believe you are beneath their kindness, please direct that energy into determining your own story. Bluntly put, don’t let their gaze and opinions affect you or shape you – you are the one who controls your own narrative, not them. Also, direct that energy into further thanking and loving harder your non-blood-related friends who have chosen to love you ferociously no matter what, and who have in the past, and will continue to in the future, stand in your corner beaming as brightly and as solidly as you need.”

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