MahaMonday: One’s nose where it don’t belong

nose in a bookAt Chai Latte Diaries, a fella wants to stick his nose where the sun don’t shine, where he has no business to stick his nose.

¿Por qué?

Because he has a saviour’s complex which is currently in bed with his ego-driven self. An ego that needed a few bruises so that it could heal to a better more mindful place which does not involve itself in the adult decisions of others : Not clear enough? How about: She, female, has the right to make proper decisions for herself – be they right or wrong, sin or not, none of which is your concern, none of which is your business, most definitely none of which is something that she needs to concern herself with where you or anyone else is concerned apart from her own personal conversations with God. You have nothing. NOTHING. NOTHING. To do with the decisions a woman unknown to you makes.

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